From his world to all world

Thomas is a 17-year-old boy, who has been suffering from cerebral palsy and nocturnal epilepsy since he was born

Thomas is a very kind, cheerful and sensitive boy. He doesn't speak, but he communicates using gestures, special Makaton symbols and signs or Voks images. An important part of his life is a special rehabilitation and aid. Without this rehabilitation he is not even able to cope with basic communication that connects him with the environment.

Thomas is completely dependent on family assistance in all aspects of life (personal hygiene and diaper exchange), even in a special private elementary school for children with multiple disabilities, which is not just a school for him, but also a second home. He has the best professional assistance and individual approach, which is the most important.

Thomas cannot do without the help of a personal assistant and a daily school transport. All expenses related to Thom, who needs assistance in all components of self-care and adult supervision 24/7, are mostly covered by family budget, where the only earner is the father of the family.

The proceeds from the event will help cover rehabilitation costs, aid and a personal assistant, and to enable for Thomas to stay in touch with other school kids and therefore help him to develop his ability and skills.

Your particular help to Thomas would consist of contribution to a personal assistant, regular school fees, school transport, rehabilitation and diapers, which are at the moment solely covered by his family; on average they spend more than 19 000 CZK per month.

In addition, as Thomas grows, there are body changes which result in need of new rehabilitation aids which have to be acquired. From your donation we will contribute to:

  • new specially modified wheelchair valued at 85 000 CZK

  • new health chair for school and home for 150 000 CZK  (2 x 75 000 CZK)
  • special iPad supporting communication programs valued at 16 000 CZK
  • special applications for communication on the iPad in price 3 000 CZK 
  • orthoses, splints and necessary rehabilitation aid for 5 000 CZK

Thank you in advance for your generousity

Transparent account: 2501534122/2010


Thomas and his perception